Explore Social Problems

Society thrives on the activities of the people within.  Sociologists study social problems using history and theory to create future landscapes. Our mission is to explore social impact in a more creative way: roleplay.

How We Work 

Roleplay Scenarios

We create a myriad of roleplay societies for players to create characters. The game masters and story weavers create scenarios for roleplayers to experience and we study the outcomes. Outcomes are never set and roleplay is completely dynamic from the players’ points of view.

Scenario Rules

All scenarios run a minimum of 2 months and up to 6 months. The reason for a time limit is to give stories time to form but also have definitive ends so players are not stuck trying to create the same stories over and over again. If players want to continue with a certain scenario longer, the team will explore options.

The Purpose

The project is lead by a sociologist studying theories of structure (the world we live in) and agency (the people of the world). Since all roleplayers are human beings outside of their avatars, they are still likely to address social issues from a human point of view, no matter the genre. This information is then studied to develop programs to improve processes for feminist activism, address racial oppression, explore views on poverty, prepare for a dystopian society, analyze the affects of capitalism on self-esteem, and other social issues as created by the project. Our goal is to explore, analyze, and make suggestions to real life programs already operating in social impact fields.

Scenario Schedule

Schedule is subject to change before launch date. Players will have time to go over lore and rules before launch.

Jan 2021

Cave Cay Isle

Dystopian Maledom

“Handmaid’s Tale”

Exploration of pandemic level responses and how socialization is affected

Apr 2021

Planet Kurien

Neo-Gorean Sci Fi


Exploration of extraterrestrial level responses in military conflict

Jul 2021

Legion of Eldar

Historical Fantasy

“World of Warcraft”

Traditional classism and societal uphevel for change

Oct 2021


Small-town America


Group-think application to problem-solving and information gathering

Jan 2022

Old McDonald

Historical 1900s

“O Brother, Where Art Thou”

Exploration of workforce changes based on multiple societal crisis

Science can be fun and we plan to have tons of fun while also studying and addressing social issues.

Grand Opening Early 2021

We are working hard to get the first roleplay area up for viewing by Sep 1st. Each scenario will be expansively built on a quarter sim for the most interactive environment in order to promote roleplay.

About Us

Klimact Labs Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization

EIN: 81-4119739

Opening Date

Jan 1
Cave Cay Isle


Jaiya Cloud


Somewhere in Second Life
To Be Determined