Become a Game Master

Help drive stories within the framework 

Create Lore

Use your ideas to help drive the creation of lore for the scenarios. See your ideas come alive.

Inspire Storytelling

Drive the progression of the scenario with non-playable characters to enhance story creation.

Player Support

Answer questions about lore possibilities and manage player issues like griefers and access.

Hold Town Halls

Have regular Q&A sessions with users to help them develop characters and storylines.

Promote Self Governance

Game Master WILL NOT moderate roleplay but will provide tools to help self-correct.

Enjoy Yourself

Game Masters are players too so there will always be time for you to get involved.


This application does not serve as an approval or an offer to join the Klimact Labs team. All applications will be given visibility to the team and all applicants have equal opportunities to join the team. All scenarios are run in English and translators will not be allowed. If we have enough interest from players for other languages, we will alert potential candidates. If you are not chosen for an upcoming scenario, you may be chosen for a future scenario so please be as complete in your application so that we can properly place game masters.

Questions? Contact us.

GM Application

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