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Roleplay Genre

Describe to us the closet genre that would fit the potential gameplay of the scenario. It’s completely fine to have inspirations from pop culture or to combine two different dramas. This is all about creativity.

Time Frame

Establishing a time frame helps to evaluate potential technology. In a fantasy setting, you can still apply a real life time frame so that we can better understand the purpose. Be as descriptive as possible.

Social Impact

How do residents in the genre interact with each other socially? Is this maledom, femdom, royals vs the people, corrupt corporations? What is the underlying theme that drives the interaction of the people within it?

Submit Your Scenario

The submission of a scenario does not guarantee acceptance of the scenario for the project. The acceptance of a scenario does not guarantee Game Master acceptance. Please apply to be a Game Master separately. While we may contact those that submit scenarios for additional questions, only Game Masters will write actual lore and rules.

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